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Matthew Rice

Co-Owner, Designer, Inlay Specialist, Artist and Luthier

I built my first guitar at 18. It was a highly eccentric electric guitar which I designed and was guided in making by instrument builder Urs Hauptle. After a year spent studying fashion design, I played that guitar to its demise in bands, tours and albums which took me around…

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Matthias Roux

Co-Owner and Master Luthier

At 18 I built my first guitar under the tutelage of Marc Maingard of Maingard Guitars. A classical instrument, it was the first of many to follow as Marc took me on as apprentice on completion of the project. For most of my time at Maingard Guitars, I was self…

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We unite the disciplines of design, music and craftsmanship with the aim of taking the hand crafted acoustic guitar to a new level. This is pursued with uncompromising passion and dedication. We have known each other since early childhood and have been building and collaborating on projects of all shapes and sizes since then.

Today we hold ourselves and each other to extremely high standards as designers and builders of some of the most sought after bespoke instruments in the world. Our combined knowledge and experience in music, sound, performance, craftsmanship, design and art, gives us a unique edge in producing tailor made guitars for discerning players and collectors.


Casimi (also spelled Cazimi and sometimes called Zaminium) is a technical astrological term in Arabic,
meaning “the heart of the sun”, or “In the heart of the sun”.

Casimi places itself at the epicentre of creativity.

Our logo symbolises the stream of creative essence pouring out of the heart of the sun to surround the solar system in warmth and light. It tells the story of of the raindrop which falls to earth and the seed which rises from the earth.

The process whereby the seed becomes the tree which feeds the atmosphere surrounding the earth, filling it with moisture, which condenses and feeds the earth as raindrops. Its a symbol of the cycle of life, rebirth, and creative energy.

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